News and Events

Past Tourneys:
     **Fools on Ice, Anchorage, AK.  March 2016
      Alaska! Taking names and numbers! We came out Number ONE! #1!!!!
  We won 2 games, goals scored by 6 different players, and came out on top of the round robin. The Championship game was close and fun!!! We all came home with Fools on Ice Beer Mug trophies!

        ** Las Vegas January 2017
      We had an amazing time at this tourney! Team members all jelled like we'd done this before! We had OUTSTANDING goaltending from Krissy Tarara and Kristina Lee! We won 2 games in the round robin, to get in the final, and won the final 1-0! We were pretty happy to notch another "W" in our record!

    *USC games at Lakewood! March 6, and March 27 were amazing!
       Special thanks to Reiko Han for managing the teams! 

Upcoming Events:

   * Phoenix May 25-29  
       Contact Susan Johnson:

          As of March 27, the team is full. You can contact Susan to be put on a list if we have     drop outs....
Clinic Opportunities: 
     Simi Valley Icepolex  Sunday mornings (times vary)
contact Coach Pat

Charity Event! We need some help in planning a day to "Skate with Kids" from the inner city, sometime this fall. If interested, please contact Shari Latta

News from...CHANCE for CHILDREN, our "adopted charity"
    A Chance for Children began as Camp Baywatch and was created during the filming of that series.  With our new TV series, “SAF3” (, being filmed in South Africa, we knew we wanted to start a foundation there as well.  We are proud to say that in October 2013, A Chance for Children - South Africa became official.  We immediately began to serve children from the townships bordering Cape Town.  The experience touched our lives in ways we could never have imagined.  We also had the pleasure of sharing the experience with some of our volunteers from Los Angeles who came to Cape Town to volunteer. 

Here in Los Angeles, A Chance for Children Free Libraries was conceived and born this past year.  So far we have built and opened a dozen libraries with more than a dozen still to go in underserved communities of Los Angeles.  Currently, all of the libraries are in the lobbies of LAPD stations where we have had a longstanding partnership.

In the past two years, four of our college scholarship recipients graduated with honors, two in 2014 and two in 2013.  Our Little League Program is going strong as well as all of our other existing programs. And the summer is in full swing with camp, fishing trips, scuba lessons, ice hockey lessons, beading, and surf lessons.